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The Last Digest

With under a month of classes left, the 2018/19 dance season quickly draws closer to our final week of classes- open house week! We've been working so hard in all our classes to prepare ourselves for this week and demonstrate what we've learned throughout the year. Our ballet and tap exams are likewise very near, and we wish the best of luck to dancers partaking in their exams! Here's a practice question for you: where does dancing come from? Keep reading to find the answer!

Our dance company has wrapped up for the season, and this year's Dance Company Attendance Award winner has been announced! Laila Copeland is the recipient, having not missed a single class in any of her classes all year! She will be invited to attend MOVE- The Ultimate Dance Convention on us next year! Way to go Laila!

Last weekend, JWSD-Evolution presented Spring Social, an evening of wine-tasting, fashion, dance, dinner and more! This elegant evening was hosted at Stone Crop Acres, a beautiful venue that left the guests in awe. The dance company performed a show with an all-new number, Be Our Guest, and some fan-favorites from Showcase 2018. Interspersed amidst the dancing, we saw fashion demonstrations from three stores, Mainstreet Clothing, Biba, and Bridals by Almor. Some of our dancers modeled these outfits and slayed the stage! After the show, dinner was served by Cup Of Jo's. The menu consisted of three varieties of salad, and broccoli-stuffed chicken on rice with a cream sauce. What a delicious meal! At the end of the night, the winner to the trivia game and the 50/50 winner were announced. We are so grateful for the contributions of all our dance company members, faculty, sponsors and guests who came together to make this a truly incredible evening out.

Fun Dance Fact of the Month (And the answer to the practice exam question above!): Did you know that dancing comes from... the heart? Keep on dancing from the heart and you can't go wrong!

We can't wait to see everyone back next year- registration is already open to save your spot!

Showcase 2020, here we come!

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