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Spring Is In The Air!

Just when it seems safe to say that spring is here to stay, school buses are cancelled due to freezing rain in April! Maybe the flowers haven't quite started to bloom yet, but the season of growth can be felt in the studio as we near the final stretch of the dance year. In just over a month, our ballet and tap exams will be underway, followed shortly by our Open House week. But before then, we're looking forward to lots more fun yet to come!

First up, we can't wait to welcome Elise Sarazin to join us on Wednesday, April 17th for a cardio dance workshop! With experience as a fitness instructor at Movati Athletic, Elise will bring the energy as dancers challenge themselves and have fun! The workshop runs from 8:00-9:00pm for a cost of $25. Don't miss out; if you haven't signed up yet, you still can!

Not long after this workshop, the studio is excited to participate in the 2019 Local Business Expo! Our dance company will return to this expo for our second time to produce a few small shows throughout the day. There was a memorable moment when we were there in 2017 during a fan-favourite number, Jet Set, when the music suddenly cut out. Without missing a beat, the dancers began to sing the song and continue dancing! It was a beautiful moment to see that highlighted the passion of our dancers for what they do! Who knows what this year's expo will bring!

Before the month is over, we have one final fun activity to bring to the studio- PJ week! During the last week of April, dancers are invited to bring on their inner cozy as we dance away in our PJ's. What better way to finish off the month?

Coming up in May, we're also looking forward to a community Gala event hosted by the studio, partnered with Stone Crop Acres. The Spring Social will be an elegant evening of wine-tasting, fashion, dance, dinner and more! All funds raised will be donated to Jumpstart, a national charity helping to raise money for children in financial need to participate in extracurricular activities and organized sports. More information can be found on the studio Facebook Page!

Even though we still have lots to look forward to in this dance season, we've already started planning for more fun after the year too! This summer, join us at the studio for a week of dance, crafts, games and fun! Kids aged 6-11 will have the chance to try classes in ballet, jazz, hip hop and tap, while making memories that will last a life time. Register now to save your spot!

If you follow the studio on Instagram or Facebook, you may have noticed that there's something else new and fun to look forward to. Next year, we will be offering a travel experience for all dancers ages seven and up. Where? Well that's a surprise! Keep watching out for more clues as to where we're headed!

Fun Dance Fact of The Month: Did you know that you that tap dancers are also considered musicians? In order to do tap dancing, you have to make percussive sounds with your feet that fit with the music. It's very important to listen to make sure you stay on time with the music, and with everyone else dancing. We can't wait for our tap exams!

Until next time, keep working hard and having fun!

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