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From ages one to infinity, we have something for everyone!

Our Dance Studio offers a large variety of dance classes for all skill levels. Our experienced instructors are passionate about helping each dancer achieve their highest potential, while also having as much fun as possible.



Twinkle Toes/ Bun Heads

Ages 5+

Ballet is a classic dance form with specific  terminology and technique, and is the “backbone” of all dance training. In ballet, students learn grace, elegance, technique, discipline, flexibility, stamina, and endurance. We strongly feel that ballet is the most important dance form that a child or adult can study, and would encourage every student who wants to improve their overall dance technique to enroll in ballet. Class begins by warming up at the barre and then continues to center floor, which is followed by linking together combinations across the floor.  Class ends with a curtsy or bow to show respect to the teacher. All of our Ballet classes are based on the Cecchetti Method.



Ages 7+

Contemporary dance is a fusion of ballet and jazz techniques. This form of dance challenges dancers to use motion as an artistic form of expression. It teaches them how to express themselves, while exploring the use of off-center movements, bending the spine and contractions. This class aims to push students out of their comfort zones and allows them to grow as dancers and in confidence.



Tippy Toes

Ages 3-5

This is a movement class which provides the building blocks for all dance disciplines. Students enjoy dynamic movement-based activities, while learning the basis of dance terminology and technique. Some favorite exercises include ribbon dancing, using egg shakers and other activities to get the class moving, such as polishing the stars or flying like butterflies.


Audition Only

Our Dance Company consists of a group of dancers of all ages who represent the studio in our community. Dance Company members are hardworking, enthusiastic and dedicated dancers.

Expectations of a Dance Company Member:

• Enrolled in a minimum of Ballet, Jazz, Tap, and one other class of their
choice (Pointe excluded)
• Attend one or both dance conventions attended by the studio
• Participate in a minimum of 2 Workshops held at the studio 
• Participate in the bi-annual in-studio dance exams

To become a Dance Company member you need to prepare a 1 minute dance routine either done alone, or with a partner. Following your audition, there will be a brief interview. Auditions are conducted at the end of August for the next dance season.




Ages 7+

This is a high-energy, rhythmic form of dance that focuses on body isolations and is the latest form of physical expression in today’s pop culture. Hip-Hop dance classes can be found under many names – Break Dance, Street Dance, Urban Dance, Locking, Popping, and smooth Hip Hop. Classes will begin with an upbeat warm-up, and will continue with combinations across the floor, center-floor exercises. and choreography.


Ages 8+

Dance improvisation is the spontaneous creation of movement from the dancer them-self. This class will give students instruction to lead them towards the confidence needed for them to be comfortable enough to express themselves fully with their movement. Students will be taught how to feel the music and react to it accordingly. Dance Improv classes do not perform in the Showcase performances, or participate in Open House.




Ages 6+

Jazz is a dynamic, high energy form of dance that is set to upbeat music. Class starts with a proper full-body warm-up, then continues with floor progressions and combinations, and choreography.  Students should expect an energetic class with a strong emphasis on jazz technique.


12-36 months

In this dynamic, fun-filled, 45 minute class, you and your child will learn through dance, song and stories. Working side by side with their caregiver (moms, dads and grandparents are welcome), toddlers and preschoolers are introduced to the beginnings of the wonderful world of movement!  This 8 week long program recommended for children ages 12-36 months runs 3 times a year (Fall, Winter, and Spring) and can be repeated many times. Parent participation is required.




Ballet performed in pointe shoes, dancers must have completed extensive work in ballet to be asked to enroll in this class. Students are assessed based on coordination, posture, strength, and the development of their feet. As there is an inherent risk going up on pointe we will only recommend those students who are developmentally ready to begin pointe work.


Bun Heads Xtreme

Ages 8+

A Ballet technique class that is designed to be taken in addition to your regular Ballet class. This class focuses on different aspects each week such as Petit Allegro, Grand Allegro, Dance Conditioning, and other important aspects of ballet. As well, stretch classes are held every few weeks where dancers can enjoy relaxing and stretching their bodies. Strength and Conditioning classes do not perform in the Showcase performances, or participate in Open House.



Happy Feet

Ages 5+

Tap is a percussive form of dance in which the feet create rhythmic sounds.  Class warm-up begins either center floor or at the barre, followed by stationary movements to enhance sound clarity, and recognize rhythm patterns.  Students will practice traveling movements across the floor and will continue to build upon single, double, and triple sounds. Our tap syllabus comes from Hollywood, California and was developed by Al Gilbert, a leading authority on graded tap techniques.

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