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It's almost Christmas!!!

Hello there, this is Buddy!

And I’m Pirouetta!

We’re the elves that Santa sent to JWSDE to keep an eye on all the dancers here and report back!

We’ve seen some pretty amazing things this past month and would absolutely LOVE to share them with you. Santa certainly enjoyed hearing of all the festivity that you’ve been up to at the studio!

First of all, that Parade of Lights was so cool! Partnered with Spa2Go, our Dance Company dancers participated in a Dr. Seuss themed float.

From the pictures and videos we saw, it looked like everyone dancing had so much fun sharing the Christmas spirit!

Ooh and that Christmas dress-up week? A-M-A-Z-I-N-G. I mean, there was so much red, white, green and sparkle, it looked just like home at the North Pole!

Some of you even wore elf costumes, and I must say, you nailed it! I almost confused one of the assistant teachers, Abbie, with my Aunt Carol back home! Her outfit was THAT good!

Personally, I liked all the funny t-shirts everyone wore. There’s nothing like a good comfy holiday shirt that you can just wear all the time!

Now Buddy, we can’t forget to tell everyone about the Christmas show.

Don’t worry Pirouetta, it was so awesome, how could I forget? Saturday, Dec. 8th, JWSDE put on the Melki Family Christmas Show Fundraiser. At this event, there was a 50/50 raffle, a silent auction, refreshments from Cup of Joe’s and a show by the Dance Company.

The Dance Company members who danced in the show.

The generosity and Christmas Spirit displayed by everyone who came, our dancers and staff, and all who donated their time, energy and resources to make this evening possible was absolutely inspiring! I especially loved seeing the winner of the 50/50 raffle donate the money he won right back to helping the Melki family. Way to go everyone!

There was one more Christmas event at the studio too, the Christmas Shop Night.

That’s right! I heard that there were some pretty awesome deals on everyone’s favorite dance wear and accessories.

All these Christmas events make me so excited! I just love the generosity, love and cheer spread during the holiday season!

Me too Buddy! I bet you Santa gets some extra special presents for all these dancers this year, they certainly deserve it!

Wishing you a safe and happy holiday season with lots of family time, relaxation and enjoying all that this special time of year has to offer,

And lots of love,

Buddy and Pirouetta.

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