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Goal Goals Goals!

The weather may have turned chilly outside, but we’re all getting fired up at the studio in preparation for upcoming ballet and tap exams and open house! In our first couple classes back, we’re starting to nail down exercises to perfect them in time for exams. If you haven’t done an exam before, I can assure you that it is a fun way to receive feedback about what you're doing well and what you need to work on in your ballet and tap classes. Keep your eye out for more information to follow about exams! Open House is likewise a memorable week of classes as family members are invited to see what their dancers have been working on throughout the year. We are certainly working hard this month at the studio!

If you haven’t heard it yet, you will now: it’s contest time! Throughout the month of January, dancers are invited to create a 1 min video using the hashtag #jwsdegoals or emailing it to the studio expressing their dance goal for 2019 and how they're going to work towards achieving it. Be creative! Videos will be shared on the studio’s Instagram and Facebook page and the video with the most combined likes will be deemed the winner. Ready for some never-before-been-heard information? The prize for the contest is officially being announced here! The lucky winner will receive both a metal studio logo’d water bottle and a pair of legwarmers of their choice for a value of up to $45! Get working on those videos so you don't miss out on this awesome prize! Feel free to get in contact for any questions or clarification! Good luck, dancers!

The video submissions we've seen so far have blown us away with their creativity and overall awesomeness! Check them out here, but don't forget to like them on our social media!

Above is Sadie Miller's video! Her 2019 dance goal is to receive as many Wow! cards as possible for amazing dancing!

Maddie West's video above shows how she's going to work towards her goal of being a happier, healthier dancer!

Way to go girls! We can't wait to see everyone else's submissions, so keep sending them in!

Fun Dance fact of the Month: Did you know that repeating your goal will make it easier to achieve? If you remind yourself of what you're working towards every day when you get out of bed, or write it down somewhere, chances are higher that you'll stick with what you planned to do!

Until next time, keep on working toward your goals!

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