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Flashback to Fall and Welcome to Winter!

Fall has been a thankful and joyous time at the studio, but now that the time has changed, and the first snowfall has come and gone, we welcome winter and the anticipation it brings. Either staying in with a hot chocolate and a good book or enjoying Christmas parties, you can rest assured knowing that we love the holiday season here at the studio. Among many other decorations, it’s possible that Thea already has one Christmas tree up at her house, and a second that's going to be decorated this weekend. At the studio, we’ve enjoyed some awesome workshops, fundraising opportunities and are anticipating much more to come!

As you’ve probably heard, we’ve been doing fundraising for the Melki family, who lost their home in a fire over the summer. Our first event was a raffle for a voucher to the NAC and a gift card for Milestone’s. We’ve started off well by raising over $800 already! We plan to maintain this amazing generosity through to our Christmas show coming up in December. Our dance company has been working diligently learning new Christmas numbers and reviewing fan favorites from Showcase 2018 for the show! The evening will include a silent auction, refreshments by Cup of Jo’s and a performance by the Dance Company. Tickets are on sale now for the December 8th show!

Always looking for more opportunities to dance, we had Kailena from KV Dance run two awesome contemporary workshops. In one exercise, Four Corners, dancers were split into four groups to improvise across the floor to the opposite corner. When they passed someone, they would interact to create a beautiful image of dancers moving cohesively. Kailena expressed that this was the best she’s seen this exercise executed, which speaks to the confidence built in both our improv class and throughout the studio. We always love having Kailena dance with us!

Next Friday, we are so excited to have Jay T Schramek come from Toronto to teach four workshops! November 23rd is a PD Day for most schools, which means that we have plenty of time for Jay T to teach both a jazz and a musical theater class for two age groups. What better way can you spend a day off school than having fun, learning and making memories with your dance family? More information can be found in the November Newsletter under the “Newsletter” tab.

Jazz and Musical Theater Workshops on Friday, November 23rd!

Fun Dance Fact of The Month: Did you know that there are eight universities and colleges across Canada that offer dance programs? These schools can be found in Alberta, British Columbia, Manitoba, Quebec and three right here in Ontario. Jay T is a graduate from one of these schools, Ryerson University in Toronto. Maybe you can attend one of these institutions yourself one day!

Until next time, keep dreaming and working to make those dreams come true!

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